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The dream road for connoisseurs

Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße closed

Due to a rock slide, the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße is closed to public traffic from Partenen to lake Vermuntsee until autumn 2024!
An ascent from the Tyrolean side (Galtür via the Bielerhöhe to the Vermuntsee/ access Saarbrücker Hütte) is possible.

We know that the road closure raises a lot of questions. For this reason, we have summarised frequently asked questions and answers about the current situation below.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße team

Frequently asked questions & answers

Frequently asked questions and answers about the road closure on the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße

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Status: 25 July 2024, 6:00 p.m.

Current status of the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße

Despite the road closure on the Vorarlberg side, the Silvretta-Bielerhöhe can be reached without restriction via the Tyrolean side as far as Lake Vermuntsee.

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General information about the road closure

Two rock slides occurred on the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße in the area of hairpin bends 13 and 14 - one smaller and one larger event. The smaller event on Friday morning (12 July) and the larger event on Saturday (13 July) in the morning.

The term ‘public transport’ refers to all road users, including cars, bicycles, mopeds and other means of transport. The Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße is also closed to pedestrians.

We are currently carrying out geological investigations and extensive safety measures. We are working together with our geologists and external experts to ensure safety. This includes securing endangered areas and using measuring equipment for precise monitoring. Other measures such as the construction of dams and possibly the relocation of the road are also being considered. We are currently assuming that the work will probably continue into the autumn. Thank you for your understanding.

Revision works is currently being carried out on the Vermuntbahn, which also affects the cabin of the Vermuntbahn. The cabin is currently being completely overhauled at the manufacturing plant to bring it up to the latest state of the art. It is therefore not possible to open the Vermuntbahn this summer. Thank you for your understanding.

Tickets & Prices

For enquiries about the season ticket for cars/ trucks/ motorbikes, please contact us by email:

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We always endeavour to find the best solution in terms of a uniform guest orientation. 

As we are currently receiving many enquiries regarding the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße, there is currently a longer processing time.

Thank you for your understanding. 

The Silvretta-Bielerhöhe can be reached without restriction via the Tyrolean side as far as Vermuntsee. Even if the entire route is currently not passable, our commitment to the care and maintenance of the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße remains undiminished. For this reason, we are unable to offer a discount on the toll fee. Will the road toll be charged due to the road closure?

The WildPass is a product of the Bergbahnpool Montafon Brandnertal, which includes services from several service providers. In the event of cancellation of an included service, there is no entitlement to a refund/extension.

How do I reach the Silvretta-Bielerhöhe? 

from the Montafon, Vorarlberg

Hiking routes from Partenen-Bielerhöhe:

What does the road closure mean for the return of a hike in the Montafon?
If your hike ends on the Bielerhöhe, we recommend that you take bus no. 260 to Kops and then walk from there through the Ganifer to Partenen (approx. 2.5 to 3 hours). If your tour starts in Partenen, simply go the other way round.

You can find the bus timetable here.

What about guided hikes/tours?
The guided hiking and mountain tours organised by the mountain guides take place as planned.
BergePLUS: the guided hike ‘Panoramatour um das Hohe Rad’ and the bike tour ‘Silvretta 3-Seen Tour’ of the BergePLUS programme are currently not offered. Alternatives are:

Is it possible to hike up via the Trominier Tunnel?
The exit from the Trominier Tunnel is in a restricted area and is therefore closed.  The Europatreppe is accessible. You can return to Partenen via the Bofa hiking trail.

You can cycle or mountain bike over Ganifer in the direction of Kopssee. Access is via the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße to the second bend, where you have to turn left onto Ganifer. Please note that cars that are authorised to use the road also drive on Ganifer, so special care is required.

The Silvretta-Bielerhöhe is currently not accessible by car from the Montafon. Access is possible via the Paznaun Valley, Tyrol. Access from the Montafon is possible by car via the Arlberg Pass (note: Arlberg tunnel closed in summer 2024).

Bus route 650: Schruns-Bielerhöhe (- Kopssee)

Bus route 650 runs at the current times according to the timetable. Due to the road closure, line 650 cannot travel on the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße until further notice. Line 650 runs from Schruns railway station to Partenen Loch. The Bielerhöhe can only be reached by public transport via Tirol / Paznauntal by bus and train.

UPDATE: shuttle bus Bielerhöhe - Vermuntsee
From Friday, 26 July 2024, a shuttle bus will run daily between the Silvrettasee and Vermuntsee stops until further notice.


How do I reach the Silvretta-Bielerhöhe?

from the Paznaun, Tyrol

The Silvretta-Bielerhöhe can be reached without restriction via the Tyrolean side as far as Vermuntsee.

The Silvretta-Bielerhöhe can be reached without restriction via the Tyrolean side as far as Vermuntsee.

The Silvretta-Bielerhöhe can be reached without restriction via the Tyrolean side as far as Vermuntsee.

Bus route 260: Landeck-Bielerhöhe

The Bielerhöhe can be reached by public transport via Tirol / Paznauntal by bus and train without any restrictions. The bus no. 260 from Landeck-Bielerhöhe runs at the usual times.

Restaurants & Huts

The Restaurant Silvrettasee is currently closed. The team at the Silvretta-Lädili kiosk and the teams at the Silvretta-Haus***, Berggasthof Piz Buin, Madlenerhaus and Alpe Vermunt look forward to your visit. The other restaurants and huts in and around the toll area are also still open as usual. 

You can check the current status of the businesses at any time here.

For further questions you can reach us by phone and e-mail

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Discover one of the most beautiful and popular panoramic roads in the Alps! The toll road is 22.3 km long and runs from Partenen in the Montafon (1,051 m) to the 2,032 m-high Bielerhöhe as far as Galtür (1,584 m) in the Paznauntal over 34 hairpin bends.

Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße driving experience

Mountain bikes, vintage cars and company


Route description

The Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße is one of the most beautiful and popular mountain roads in the Alps. It is no coincidence that it is also called “the dream road in the Alps for connoisseurs”. The spectacular mountain backdrop of Silvretta and the Vermunt and Silvretta lakes, which the road passes directly by, cast a spell over visitors, whether driving or on foot.

  • Partenen tollbooth 1,051 m above sea level
  • Galtür tollbooth 1,725 m above sea level
  • Bielerhöhe pass height 2,032 m  
  • Length of the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße 22.3 km 
  • Number of hairpin bends 34 
  • Incline 10 % to max. 12 % in the hairpin bends approx. 5 %

You will find an ideal location for beautiful pictures of the Hochalpenstraße between hairpin bends 22 and 23.


By bicycle or mountain bike
An absolute highlight for all mountain bikers is the Silvretta-Bike-Safari with the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße and a spectacular natural backdrop along the route. Discover the Silvretta-Bielerhöhe on two wheels at over 2,032 m above sea level!


By vintage car
The Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße, the dream road in the Alps, is the ideal destination for a trip with a popular vintage car. When numerous vintage car enthusiasts are drawn to the Montafon each year for the Silvretta Classic Rallye, absolute precision is also a must for the drive along the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße.


By motorcycle
Motorcyclists love the 34 pothole-free hairpin bends of the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße. The majestic mountain backdrop with a view of the Piz Buin, the highest mountain in Vorarlberg at 3,312 m, is exciting and makes this curvy experience unforgettable.


Excursion destination Silvretta-Bielerhöhe
The Bielerhöhe at the crown of the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße is a popular excursion destination for numerous hikes, tours and other summer activities. Between the Montafon and the Paznauntal, you will be rewarded with a dreamy panorama view of the Silvrettasee embedded in the majestic mountainous landscape.

Important information about the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße

Trailers are not allowed on the entire Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße, there is a night parking ban and a length limit of 13.8 m for tour buses.

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The Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße from above

The Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße from above

Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße overview map

Overview map of the course of the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße from Partenen in Vorarlberg to Galtür in Tyrol.

Creation of the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße

A master work in mountains

The 22.3 km long toll road of the Illwerke, Vorarlberg’s third connection with Tyrol, was created while building a power plant. It was completed in stages. The area from Partenen to Bielerhöhe was accessed with material lines for the first time between 1925 and 1930 during the construction of Vermuntwerk.

The first part of the Alpine connection was created in 1938 during the construction of Obervermuntwerk and the Silvretta reservoir: as a construction road between Vermuntsee and Bielerhöhe. Beginning in 1947, Illwerke continued the expansion to the upper Ill and with bridge crossings from Paznaun. For the massive construction site transportation, the historic cattle drive from Bielerhöhe through Kleinvermunt to Galtür was expanded to the plant road: the foundations for the eastern ramp to Tyrol had been laid. The most difficult part of the route between Partenen and Vermunt was missing until 1951. The spectacular road was built, backwards, using an enormous digger used for creating reservoirs through the vertical landscape.
With this, a continuous road from Partenen to Galtür had been created - it was opened to public transportation on 23 June 1954. It was expanded into a two-lane road by 1961.

Snow removal on the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße

Silvretta-Hochalpenstrasse | © Golm Silvretta Luenersee Tourismus GmbH Bregenz, Chrstoph Schoech

Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon

The vintage car race on the dream road in the Alps

The Silvretta Classic Rallye has brought dozens of vintage car fans to the Montafon every year since 1998.
The idyllic roads of the Alps provide the backdrop for a competition that is not about top speed, but about maximum precision. No matter whether it is a Bentley or Düsenberg from the 1920s or a model from 1992 - vintage cars and those more recent have the same chances for victory here.


More about the Silvretta Classic Rallye Montafon

Useful information at a glance


Webcam Silvretta-Bielerhöhe


2. 052 m, Gaschurn-Partenen

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